David Cuschieri and Heidi Cuschieri Wall Candy pull-out print books

Hello There

Hello and welcome to our little part of the world that we wish to share with you.

We, David and Heidi, are the faces behind The Wall Creative. A humble little studio where big dreams are dreamt and ideas come to life. This studio is our little hub that allows us to explore our creativity. Our supervisior Julius however, has the final say on all concepts (Julius is our ragdoll cat).

Through our words and our books our wish is to create a sense of purpose, to uplift others and create connection.

The heart is at the core of everything we do. We are more than creatives, we are ‘heartists’.

Our designs are original, inspirational, heartfelt, fun and uplifting all rolled into one. With every creation we ask the question ‘how can this be of service to others?’. How can it uplift them, make them smile, and give them time for connection and reflection in their busy lives.

Minimalist Inspirational Black and White Wall Prints

Words of Wisdom

We all have our ups and downs, some days we need that little bit more of a boost than others. Happiness isn’t all beer and skittles, as the saying goes. It isn’t even about experiencing ‘pleasant feelings’ continually. I have felt a burst of joy at times at my lowest moments as I realised that even in difficult moments the sun is still shining.

Being Small Minded

I came to the realisation that it was the daily ‘little things’ that made life so rich and meaningful. In fact, being ‘small minded’ was a great way to open my mind and heart. Appreciating those little things and moments in a day created a sense of gratitude. Feeling grateful no matter what meant that I could see the abundance even in the darkest moments in my life. Writing simple yet powerful words was my way to stay positive and not fall into the abyss. These words provided wisdom that would remind me constantly to stay on track with my thoughts. Heidi and I aim daily to focus on positive thoughts and not get lost in the overload of information that surrounds us, which is often challenging.

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Happiness Is A Journey

When we started writing books a few years ago, the idea Heidi and I had was to inspire others to find happiness in their lives too through our journey. We see our words fundamentally as ‘self-help’, that is, words to help ourselves. It was a natural progression to then be able to share our own experience and wisdom with others in the hope that it may help them too. This proved to be the case and many best-selling books later we are so blessed to be able to receive feedback from those connected with our creations.

Wall to Wall Wisdom

It was a simple yet logical step that followed that was suggested by Heidi that our words and ideas not simply be read in a book format and then filed away after reading onto the bookshelf, but be able to be in a format that could continue to inspire others daily. This is where Wall Candy was born. Combining inspirational, motivating and humorous quotes together with self-help commentary, the pages of these books can be removed to adorn your walls and uplift you daily.

Life Is A Journey Black and White Stylsih Print

Style With Substance

Wall Candy Vol. 1 & 2 also combined our love of design. With over 15 years experience as a freelance interior designer, these pull-out print books combined style with substance. They allow you to give your walls an instant facelift and at the same time give a lift to your day.

Meaningful Giving

Heidi is a big giver. She give wholeheartedly and this has influenced the direction of our message from the very start. Wall Candy, have been beautifully crafted to create style, but their real message is about giving. They are about giving to yourself. Surrounding yourself constantly with positive messages reinforces just how incredible you are. Words are powerful, and by surrounding yourself with the energy of powerful words daily will have a powerful influence on your life.

These books also give you the opportunity to give to others. Giving isn’t about giving extravagant gifts. It is about giving something that is from the heart. Our Wall Candy books allow you to give beautiful and meaningful gifts that don’t cost a lot. Each quote in the book can be removed and place in a photo frame to provide personalised gifts to those special people in your life.

Simple Living

Our ethos is centred around simple living. We believe that we can live bigger lives with less. Less busyness, less clutter, less baggage, less drama. We live simply and humbly. We appreciate the little things in life. The Wall Candy books relfect this philosophy in the simple yet powerful design of the book, and knowing that you can give more with less.

Visions of GREENdeur

Giving Back

We believe that the best way to feel good is simply by doing good. There is no better high than giving. You too can experience that high knowing that each Wall Candy book plants a tree in Madagascar. Madagascar is a magical island that captures our imagination. A land filled with unique animals and plants such as lemurs, chameleons and baobab trees. Yet for all its biodiversity, it has lost almost 90% of its primary forests and is home to some of the poorest people on Earth. Each tree planted provides valuable income changing both lives and the environment.