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Wall Candy books have landed!

Wall Candy Books Pull-Out Print Books

Give Your Walls Some Eye Candy

Our new and unique Wall Candy books contain 50 stylish pull-out prints
that are set to makeover your home and your life.

The Wall Candy concept was born out of a desire to create
beautiful, stylish books filled with inspirational words but with a twist.

We wanted to create a book where the inspirational words could
be enjoyed long after the book has been read.

Featuring pages filled with our original inspirational, uplifting,
fun and playful words, these can be pulled out, framed and
hung on your walls in an instant.


The Power of Words

Words can impact us more than we realise.

Words can empower,uplift and inspire us.

Surrounding ourselves with positive words each day
can provide a source of enrichment in our busy lives.

Wall Candy Vol. 1 & Vol. 2  are a distillation of thought-provoking,
humorous, and inspirational words to uplift you and
give your walls an instant facelift.


Wall to Wall Inspiration

Unlike most books that we read and then file away on the bookshelf,
this unique book allows you to take the power of words into your daily life
to live a life filled with greater purpose, happiness and fulfillment.

typographic print


For optimum health it is important to take a holistic perspective
on your well-being. We may do regular exercise and ensure we
maintain a healthy diet, however, we need not neglect our
emotional well-being.

Wall Candy pull out prints will help you to stay focused.
By surrounding you with words that inspire and uplift
then you can remember to keep focused on positive thoughts
throughout your day.

We think thousands of thoughts daily and Wall Candy
can help to ‘re-mind’ you to stay focused on thoughts
that help not hinder you mental well-being.


Pick Me Ups

These words of wisdom can be adorn places where you
spend most of your waking hours. Whether you are a
stay at home mum or work in an office, these quotes
will provide the boost when you need them the most.

Having a bad day,or feeling stressed? These words will
help get you back on track.



Wall Candy pull-out prints are so versatile!

They can be simply pinned to a wall or your office cubicle
board. You can frame them and place on your work desk.
There are so many places and ways to make Wall Candy
prints work for you.

The Wall Creative smile cushion   live-happy-ever-clock-now-wall-candy-the-wall-creative-david-cuschieri  mug-wishing-is-for-wishers-wall-candy-the-wall-creative-david-cuschieri   life-is-short-dont-count-the-seconds-enjoy-the-moments-zzp-framed-prints
Surround Sound Thoughts

If you want to be surrounded by words of wisdom
we have that covered too! We have designed a collectionof mugs, tote bags, clocks, cushions, unframed and framed
prints in different sizes. Simply click here to surround
yourself with the power of words.

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