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About David

The Explorer

I’m David Cuschieri – labels don’t quite sit well with me -we are all so much more than our life experiences. If I had to use labels to define and pigeonhole my experiences it would be an ever seeking explorer. My playground is not only the big wide world but also my inner world or inner mind. I am equally happy walking around barefoot in Papua New Guinea living and learning from villagers along the isolated Sepik River as I am being a home body and exploring my inner thoughts in the humble home we have created.

Ever Curious

I have been described as passionate, creative and ever curious. I have an energy and thirst to learn and explore and to understand others that has taken me on many interesting experiences. My favourite word is ‘why?’ , often followed by ‘what if?’  or ‘why not?’ I have a child-like curiosity that doesn’t see the world as black and white but filled with fantastic rainbow hues and shades of grey. Exploring those subtleties often means letting go of the status quo and living a life full of wonder and wandering.

Nature As Muse

The natural world is one area that constantly fascinates me. Having worked as a successful interior designer for over 15 years, if I am not in front of the computer or madly scribbling away with paper and pen (still my favourite creative implements) you will see me wandering the through rainforests and up mountains. Forests fascinates, inspires and invigorates me. I also have this fascination with the ever-changing nature of clouds.

This love of nature combined with creativity and curiosity is what makes my feel alive. Wanting to share my experiences is what I feel is my life’s purpose.

Discovering The More In Less

Design is often about finding simple elegant solutions. This is the philosophy that I live my life by. I don’t find joy in extravagance. Instead, it is making more from very little that makes my heart sing. Living simply allows me to appreciate the little things in life and find greater happiness in it.

The Heart of Things

I am fascinated by discovering the heart of things. People and how they live their lives enthrall me. The ‘why’s?’and ‘what if’s?’ keep me on my toes. Spontaneity is something that I have learned to temper through being a professional designer. As a younger man my spontaneity would be expressed with what others would call foolish behaviour such as running with the bulls in Spain, jumping off cliffs or hitching around Papua New Guinea, but to me it was freedom.

The Barefoot Designer

Others would describe me as the ‘barefoot designer’, who finds great joy from feeling the earth on the souls of his feet or that fresh smell after a rain shower or wearing my favourite t-shirt till it is hanging off my body. Again, labels don’t sit well with me. I remember starting out designing going to meetings in a clapped-out bomb, sporting long hair and a beard. It was about ability not fitting the mold of what a designer should be. To me, the ethos, ‘less is more’ holds true in all areas of my life. I see beauty in everything and it is simply a matter of perpsective.

The Professional Bum

My ambition in life has been to be a professional bum. To wander through the world and my mind, meeting people along the way and opening my mind and heart to the wonder and beauty of it all. My gift would be to share what I learn along life’s journey with others in the hope that it may inspire them to be the best person they could possibly be, to let go of fear and live their dreams.

My Gift

I think the world needs more heart and I hope that the world will be a little bit of a better place by sharing mine. I hope to meet you along my wanderings.


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About Heidi

The Heartist

I’m Heidi Cuschieri – if I had to sum myself up with one word it would be that I am a ‘heartist’.
I live my life with and through my heart. I am passionate and feel deeply. Creating a life with heart has been my purpose in life.

Creating Connection

This expresses itself in our mission to help others through our books connect with themselves and others. Our books are designed to be given as gifts and hearing the wonderful stories and experiences from those who have connected with our books fill me with joy.

Creating With Passion

I am ‘heartist’ because I cannot create without deep passion. Whether it is renovating a house and creating a beautiful interior or designing our next book. As a child I would be occupied for hours drawing horses and I’m still dreaming of owning a pony! I have a passion for photography and would love to be a cat or wildlife photographer.

My creativity also comes out in my language. My cheeky sense of humour scattered throughout Wall Candy is designed to help bring a smile to your face.

Animal Magic

Animals is where my real passion expresses itself. Travelling to Madagascar to play with lemurs, watching gibbons in a forest in Bangladesh, swimming with whale sharks in the Philippines and walking with elephants in the mountains of northern Thailand are the experiences that make my heart sing. It is the connection with animals that makes me feel great happiness. Closer to home, I am not one to keep driving when I see a lost dog roaming the streets and I have on a number of occasions reunited lost dogs and cats with their owners. We have a ragdoll cat called Julius, who is my absolute joy. I must admit I am forever looking at the cat rescue pages on social media and continually asking David if we can adopt kitties in need of a good home. If it wasn’t for David I am sure that I would be a cat lady living in a house crawling with well-loved cats.

Compassionate Giving

This deep sense of compassion led us from the very beginning when we started writing books to ensure that part of our purpose was to help others. Each book we sell plants a tree in Madagascar and its impact is incredible. Not only does the planting trees help restore the environment that has sadly been greatly devastated, but it brings some of the poorest people on Earth dignity to earn a living and provide for their families. The trees also provide crucial habitat to lemurs and other animals. When we visited Madagascar we experienced first hand the incredible work the villagers were doing and were invited to stay in a remote fishing village that was being transformed. We walked away from that experience being transformed ourselves.

The Simple Things

Growing up with my two sisters and Mum brought home the importance of maintaining close relationships. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up and this has had a positive effect in the sense that it has throughout life reinforced what was important to me. We may not have had much money but we were showered with love, support and nurturing.

I think this is where my compassion comes from and this comes through in my deep drive to give to others. I receive great joy in giving to others and value building close relationships with those around me. I see my purpose in life to help others reconnect to their heart. I believe happiness is all about connection. When we feel disconnected we feel alone and separate to others.  We get lost in our thoughts and our mind can take us to dark places. By connecting with our heart to others and creating a supportive framework of meaningful relationships we can all experience greater happiness.

Giving is at the heart of happiness and I hope that our books may inspire you to open your heart to others and the beauty and abundance of the world around you.

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