Wall Candy Vol. 2 (pull-out print book)



“Style your home for under $40!”

Wall Candy Vol.2 contains 50 delightful pull-out quotes to simply and easily style your home, office and work environment.

For the same price as two or three individual prints, this beautiful, chunky, coffee table style book full of 50 black and white or grey and white minimalist and Scandinavian style prints will add style and inspiration to any home. Each print in the book is printed using high quality bright white 200gsm thick matte card stock. This book is a unique gift idea for her or him. It is also the perfect gift for the person who has everything.

* Each print is designed to fit an an 8×10″ (20x25cm) standard frame. Simply pull out the print along the perforated edge and place straight into the 8×10″ frame – it’s that easy!

* A large number of the prints however, can also be trimmed down to fit into a 5×7″ (13x18cm) frame if you wish.

* Get creative with different ways of displaying the prints. There are so many ways you can instantly transform your space. The book gives loads of fun and easy tips and display ideas you might wish to try.

* The book contains a handful of wall prints that you can get creative with. You can personalise them with your name or a friend’s name, pop it in a pretty frame and it makes a lovely personalised gift idea. Just be sure to raid your kids’ coloured pencils, pens and glitter when they aren’t watching!

* Makes 50 easy and beautiful gifts.

As my husband David and I came up with the idea for WALL CANDY, it was his book that was the first born. As a passionate writer of uplifting and inspirational words, we thought that Davids quotes would help people feel empowered and inspired even more if they could read the quotes on a daily basis placed on their walls and not just sitting in a closed book.

Now as we were going through the process, my sometimes dry sense of humour would come in. David would have written a beautiful and inspiring quote and I would have a funny take on it. I had fun making myself laugh and then wondered would others find them funny too. Needless to say David thought I was a bit odd but thought maybe there was something in the idea. So we asked a few of our friends what they thought and they loved it, so we got to it. This book is the end result!

This book is full of prints with words that are cute, funny, heartfelt and sometimes a little corny, but a bit of corniness is good for the soul I say. I designed the quotes in this book to be used just about anywhere you like. Frame and hang on your walls, peg up using some twine, stick on your refrigerator door, place in a frame on your office desk, frame and give as a gift to someone
you love – there are just so many things you can do with them. You can even add some colour if you prefer. Grab some coloured pencils or felt pens and pimp that print up. Got some sparkly gold and silver glitter around the house, throw some of that on the prints for a stylish sparkly masterpiece to make your walls happy. Hey you could even stick some up in some public spaces too and give someone a giggle (be sure you have permission as I dont want you getting arrested for crafting crimes!).


Words can impact us more than we realise. They can empower, uplift and inspire us. They can also make us laugh our asses off! Surrounding ourselves with fun and uplifting words each day can provide a source of enrichment in our busy lives. This book is a distillation of hearfelt, inspirational and playful words from interior designer wife Heidi Cuschieri who hopes her irreverent sense of humour might add some joy and laughter to your life.


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